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Mission Statement

     The Knights Applications Group was conceived in 2006 and was fully established by early 2008.  Starting with Josh Penley, Simon Oetter and a few of their friends in high school they started doing little backyard skirmishes as most do when they started getting into airsoft, however they wanted to take it a step further (or several really..) and decided to start a team.  Over the 2 years between 2006 and 2008 it was a slow but steady build up of a few people at a time.  The former X.O., Matthew Turrentine contacted Josh from West Monroe, and from there the team really took off.  Once Josh had moved up to the Monroe area to attend college they finally were able to fully establish the team merging with another local group to form the Knights Applications Group as it is today.

The Knights Applications Group consider ourselves a Military Simulation team as we not only strive to look the part with our stringent uniform requirements, but also perform the part with regular training regiments provided by current and former, domestic and foreign military members.  The team's uniform is largely based off of real world units and also reflects our hard work and effort we put into the team.  The current units our team's uniform reflect are that of Marine Force Reconnaissance and the Navy Seals.  We have a rigid command structure in place with duties given to select members to do various tasks which allow us to function more fluidly, competently, and quickly. Currently, we are expanding into international territory with a new detachment located in Italy.

We invite anyone who is willing to put forth the effort and dedication it takes to keep up with us. To become a Knight, contact one of our officers for more information on the team.

    -Joshua Penley
      Commanding Officer of the Knights
Applications Group